MAGMA Eyeshadow Collection

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The MAGMA Eyeshadow Collection is a volcanic inspired collection.  This palette contains 7 matte eyeshadows and 5 metallic shadows.

Shades in order of Left to Right:

Epidote          matte- a warm/neutral brown with red undertones

Magma          matte- a rusted reddish brown

Molten           matte- a burnt orange with a golden sparkle (does

not apply like a sheen or metallic shadow)

Marl               matte- a purple/berry tone

Schist            matte- a cool tone brown with dusty pink


Lava              matte- a warm/neutral mustard-tone brown

Basalt            metallic- a cool tone greenish/gray

Cerulean       metallic- a bright and hot berry/pink

Tennantine    metallic- a peach to gold duo-chrome

Tuff               metallic- a brown-based bronze/gold

Titan             metallic- a bold and bright yellow gold

Ash               matte- a charcoal shade of black


Paraben-Free.  Cruelty-Free.  Vegan.

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