About Melted Gems Cosmetics

Melted Gems Cosmetics was founded by Brittney Gonzalez,  a Puerto Rican woman raised in Florida.  Brittney is a young Hispanic woman who felt inspired to empower all women around her. Having had powerful Female influences growing up, Brittney always felt a connection with stones and identifying the process precious stones go through from the rough to the coveted state.  For example identifying the torturous steps that gold nouggets go through before they are made into priceless gold bars- and realizing that so do we as precious and priceless that we are- also realizing that as people we go through torturous processes to become the priceless results we are today.  This heat and hammered process inspired Brittney to bring products to the market inspired by the embracing of melted gems.

Melted Gems Cosmetics provides products that encourage every person to feel as beautiful as they already are and be as bold as they want to be. To us our products are not meant to make you think “too much makeup” or “too less makeup” – It’s all about participating in what makes you feel fabulous and enjoying the process of life.

Since ancient times, trends in beauty come and go. But every trend had one thing in common. The purpose was to make everyone feel good. We are a top-selling brand of the modern day that blends together healthy ingredients and modern technology to bring you our products. Of which we provide options that are Vegan, Cruelty-Free, and all natural.

Our Vision began with the aim to make people feel their best version of beautiful. Be it going to work, in a formal outfit, a night out on the town, or on a date, we provide products that can cater to all your needs. Beauty is timeless and there are no rules to whom should wear makeup and who should not.

Our ultimate goal is to make everyone discover their beauty.

Our Principles

Cruelty-Free: No animal testing ever. We take our responsibilities to all creatures seriously and do not test on animals. 100% Cruelty Free with our products being primarily vegan.

Beauty comes from within and we provide products to make sure that everyone can feel skin that is rich, healthy and fresh from within. This spans from the fairest of skin tones to the deepest toned alike. When it comes to quality, we do not accept mediocrity. Our prime focus is on quality products at affordable prices.

A cosmetic is so much more than a blush or a night cream. Nowadays they are used to make you feel special, to give you a good feeling or to be therapeutic even. Melted Gems Cosmetics holds strong today because of the Men and Women whom have trusted us to give them that very experience. Every product we sell is chosen to be an inspiration to all. Beauty products impact people’s lives in more ways than we believe.  Look back centuries and you can see a time when people took dips in hot baths and then applied enriching clay all over or smearing coal around the eyes as an “ancient day eye liner look.”  The product may have changed today, but the idea behind making them for day to day use bears the same concept- to make everyone feel beautiful in their skin.